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Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration in Fort Pierce North

5/24/2023 (Permalink)

fire damage on wall Call the professionals at SERVPRO to help with fire restoration to your property.

SERVPRO Manages Fire Damage Repairs in Fort Pierce North

Fire damage restoration involves removing charred debris and materials, addressing moisture accumulation, and deodorizing odors. Completing these tasks in good time is critical for a positive outcome, so involving a professional team like SERVPRO improves outcomes.

Returning to your home from work as the fire damage restoration in your Fort Pierce residence progresses may be unfeasible or inconvenient. Since SERVPRO restoration crews are well managed, you can spend your time in alternative places or ways. Attending events organized after work hours or at night can minimize your inconveniences.

After Work Activities in Fort Pierce North

  • Fort Pierce Jazz and Blues Society's Jazz Market is a yearly event from March to November on select Saturday nights.
  • St. Lucie County Fair is held every February, featuring live music, carnival rides, and agriculture exhibits. 
  • Sandy Shoes Seafood & Brew Festival is an annual event at the Causeway Cove Marina every March. It features fresh seafood, live music, craft beer, and arts and crafts vendors.
  • Sunrise Theatre Ghost Tours follows the haunted stories of the historic Sunrise Theatre. The tours are organized on select nights throughout the year.

Making alternative accommodation plans can help you escape inconveniences created by fire, especially the sustained air quality degradation by soot residue and the intense smoky odor from charred materials.

Accommodation Facilitates

  • The Mellon Patch Inn bed and breakfast is a historic 1888 home with five guest rooms. There is a private pool, courtyard garden, and guests receive complimentary breakfast.
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites Fort Pierce has 108 guest rooms, fitness center, and business center operating 24 hours. Guests enjoy a complimentary breakfast buffet. 
  • Tall Pines has various homes, including mobile homes for rent, is pet friendly, and has several community amenities, including a pool, clubhouse, and laundry facility. 

SERVPRO of Fort Pierce, NE, manages fire damage restoration professionally, lessening the inconveniences that develop during such exercises. You can reach us at (772) 362-7060.

Who Offers Full Fire Damage Service for Fort Pierce Properties?

4/17/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles parked in a lot Contact SERVPRO after a fire in your Fort Pierce home for safe cleanup and fire damage restoration.

SERVPRO provides fast and efficient mitigation and restoration services for fire damaged Fort Pierce properties.

There are many moving parts to post-fire damage restoration and recovery. While much of the initial efforts are filtered through the expectations and guidelines of your insurance company, it can be helpful to consider a fire mitigation and restoration team that is also capable of managing needed repairs and build-back services like SERVPRO.

Emergency Response Actions

Steps are necessary to secure your home from more significant harm before mitigation or fire damage restoration in Fort Pierce commences. With a contractor license and construction experience, we can help with temporary board-up and tarping solutions for structural openings after a fire. This pre-restoration period is often also the time to address other threatening damages like pooling water from extinguishment that could result in mold development.

Who Determines What a Property Needs? 

After fire damage events, your home or business needs are often determined by an insurance adjuster and the findings of thorough damage inspections by IICRC Certified professionals like SERVPRO production managers. Our estimations, damage documentation, and efforts to secure your damage claim approval as a preferred insurance vendor get work started quickly in your home.

Debris Cleanup and Content Protection

When we are approved to enter a home after extinguishment, our SERVPRO professionals focus on two vital mitigation services. The first is shoveling or vacuuming up fire and smoke damage debris from the floors and surfaces. Another is the relocation of exposed contents and personal belongings. Our off-site SERVPRO facility nearby can help with cleaning using advanced tools like:

  • Ozone chamber
  • Ultrasonic submersion tank
  • ESPORTA Wash system

Soot Removal and Demolition

When partial combustion of fuels occurs, the production of soot particles can be a challenging obstacle in fire damage restoration for the property. The longer that fire smolders and burns, the more these particles are generated and dispersed into the environment. Wet smoke damage concerns create thick and potent residues that require more than dry chemical sponges to remove. We have cleaning detergents and solvents to emulsify and trap soils for rinsing or wiping away.

Removing Harsh Malodors During Smoke Remediation

Smoke malodors might not be one of the most pressing concerns compared to the damage that soot and smoke residues can do. However, the presence of these formidable smells still creates unsavory conditions homeowners are asked to endure. For this reason, our SERVPRO professionals have several counteractant products, cleaning approaches, and similar solutions to reduce the severity and concentration of malodors until official deodorization occurs with ozone or hydroxyl machines.

Rebuilding After Fire Damage Restoration

Reconstruction is more common after structure fires than many homeowners might believe. Even if you are not going through an insurance company after a situation like a kitchen flare-up, experienced professionals like ours might still encourage the replacement of affected cabinets or wall materials if necessary. With a contractor license and extensive experience, we can help finalize fire damage restoration with repairs and build-back services. 

With a growing roster of experienced professionals along with a contractor license for residential and commercial insurance work, our SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE team is equipped to help after fire damage incidents. We are a one-stop-shop for restoration and repairs, saving customers time and money on recovering their properties. Call today at (772) 362-7060.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services in Fort Pierce North

2/7/2023 (Permalink)

smoke and soot on wall and ceiling We have the equipment and experience that restoration requires and work with your insurance company to provide the information they need.

Trust SERVPRO to Restore Your Fire-Damaged Home in Fort Pierce North

Homeowners need to observe appropriate precautions to prevent fire damage incidents. It can happen through having evacuation procedures in place and keeping flammable materials away. Like any other accident, fires happen when least expected, so acting fast can save your property from additional damage.

Our SERVPRO fire damage restoration technicians can help residents of Fort Pierce North when the worst happens. For instance, a fire can sometimes occur when a blower motor or the fan of your home's heating system develops mechanical or electrical issues.

The fire can spread quickly to the surrounding materials and cause significant damage to the walls, ceilings, floors, and other household items. Some of the procedures we observe during the restoration process include:

  • Damage assessment: We determine the extent of the damage and decide on the best restoration technique. We can also note potential hazards such as lead paint and asbestos.
  • Debris removal: We use specialized equipment like HEPA vacuums to remove soot and debris from the site.
  • Perform repairs: If the fire causes some structural damage to the flooring, framing, and drywall, we may recommend a replacement. We also repair the floors, ceilings, and walls to their preloss condition.
  • We paint and do some finishing to match the existing surfaces.

At SERVPRO, we have the equipment and experience that restoration requires. We can also work with your insurance company to ensure your policy covers all the work. Our goal is to make your property appear "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE, at (772) 362-7060 whenever you need immediate professional fire restoration services. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster and can respond quickly to your needs to provide the necessary expertise and get the job done right.

Avoid Secondary Fire Damage in Fort Pierce Homes by Calling SERVPRO

8/10/2022 (Permalink)

House Made of Matches Contact SERVPRO to effectively tackle the fire damage in your property. Call now!

Certified Fire Restoration Technicians Serve the Fort Pierce Community in an Emergency

Amidst the traumatic aftermath of a fire incident in a Fort Pierce house, homeowners have no time to dwell on their emotions. Instead, they must act quickly to remove the debris the blaze left behind and jump-start the fire restoration process. Establishing priorities and strategically operating can be hard at times. Still, when you have the support of a certified team of experts, the job becomes more manageable.

In Fort Pierce, fire damage is no match for SERVPRO and our crew. Our team is certified in fire and smoke restoration and has a proven track record of success. As we assess your needs and learn the specifics of the fire (what caused it, how it traveled, and what it touched), we develop a Fort Pierce, fire damageargeted plan to return your home to its pre-fire condition. Much of the damage is visible, but our staff spends time anticipating potential secondary damage, so it doesn’t become a reality. Some of the causes behind future fire damage may include:

  • The home’s exposure to the elements thanks to structural damage. To avoid it, our SERVPRO staff helps cover and secure any openings or spots vulnerable to weather.
  • Excessive soot causes discoloration and corrosion to your furniture and fixtures.
  • The aftermath of extinguishing solutions and the moisture they can leave behind. Excessive humidity alters the home’s environment and can become a precursor to mold growth.

At SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE, we strive to guide the fire remediation process by applying science to each of our actions. When you call us at (772) 362-7060, you gain access to our field experience and certified industry knowledge. Like you, we want your home to feel “Like it never even happened.”

Consistent Fire Restoration Cleaning in Fort Pierce North Homes

8/5/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo SERVPRO provides quality fire damage restoration services for your home. We are ready at a moment's notice.

The Four Elements of Fire Restoration Cleaning

Soot and smoke damage becomes very threatening, so our SERVPRO team works quickly to begin cleaning and restoring affected surfaces. We have many cleaning products and methods to remove stubborn soot deposits and start this cleanup as soon as it is safe.

The Elements of Cleaning

Effective fire restoration in Fort Pierce North homes and businesses combines products and techniques. Our understanding of the cleaning process allows us to know ideal conditions for cleaning elements like:

  • Temperature - Heat makes molecules move faster, allowing chemical processes and evaporation to complete in a shorter span than without the added warmth. 
  • Agitation - Working in the determined cleaning product can help to remove loose debris and help lift and wipe away more challenging deposits. 
  • Chemical Action - Dissolving, emulsification, and other chemical processes work to protect the underlying surface by separating the soot from the material.
  • Time - Chemical processes occur at varying rates on specific surfaces and in certain environmental conditions. The contact time determines how long a chemical solution must stay in contact with soils before further action is necessary. 

Choosing the Right Cleaning Product

Even with an understanding of these cleaning principles and elements, the right product makes the difference in the efficiency of the restoration. We identify the type of smoke damage and determine the best approach to overcoming its presence on building materials and contents. In many cases, a combination of efforts to remove loose debris combined with suspension and dispersion products to dissolve or emulsify the remaining solids is the best approach.

Cleaning up after a fire requires more focused action and understanding of smoke behavior than many homeowners might realize. Managing smoke solids and residues involves a combination of products and approaches, all occurring with individual requirements for elements like temperature, contact time, and needed agitation. Trust the experience of our SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE team to help, and call us now at (772) 362-7060.

Smoke Deodorants for Fire Damage Restoration in Fort Pierce

5/11/2022 (Permalink)

matches burning Fire damage can leave offensive smoke odors behind. But no worries! Call SERVPRO!

Fire Damage Restoration Involves Deodorization

Deodorization is one of the final main obstacles to fire restoration for homes and businesses. This process involves several types of deodorants and cleaning products to achieve the intended results. Types of deodorizing that our SERVPRO team offers include:

  • Masking
  • Pairing
  • Disinfection

What is Masking? 

Fire damage restoration for Fort Pierce properties hinges on our ability to remove harsh smells from the structure after extinguishment. One of the fastest routes for making the environment tolerable for technicians and house occupants are masking products. As the name suggests, these do not remove odors but instead overpower them for a time. These are also a strong defense against imaginary odors (phantosmia) that can be a significant obstacle in restoration.

How Does Pairing Work? 

Pairing deodorants work as a chemical reaction to combine the molecules of odors with unstable compounds or to reduce the presence of harsh smells through absorption and subsequent neutralization. There are two main pairing agent types:

  • Humectant –These chemical products combine with airborne odor molecules, causing them to fall as precipitation on surfaces in the house. They can then be cleaned from the materials and removed by mechanical means.
  • Counteractant –This is a neutralizing approach that involves chemically combining odor molecules with products that destroy bacteria or change a molecule’s properties.

Disinfection Cleaning

Fire damage can benefit from various forms of disinfection cleaning as well. This approach destroys odor-causing organisms and compounds in the environment, and this is among the most popular avenues for deodorization and odor removal after a fire gets extinguished. Some of the options here include:

  • Ultraviolet light
  • Temperature extremes
  • Ozone
  • Fresh air

Fire damage can leave offensive smoke odors behind. Our SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE team has effective mitigating and cleaning solutions to overcome these threats and return the property to preloss condition as fast as possible. Give us a call today at (772) 362-7060. 

What to Expect From Fire Restoration Experts in Fort Pierce Homes

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

Soot on a Wall Don’t let your property be a victim of fire damage, SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE is only a call away.

SERVPRO Formulates a Reliable Restoration Plan in Fort Pierce Homes After a Fire

Home fires might result from electrical equipment, candles, faulty wiring, cooking, and flammable liquids. A fire can char walls and anything close to the source spreading smoke odor and soot particles to other house sections. Cleaning up after a fire in your Fort Pierce home may not seem like a daunting task. Still, it is because of the different materials to remove and unforeseen challenges. However, relying on professionals ensures thorough cleaning and advanced restoration.

It is advisable to hasten the fire restoration process in Fort Pierce homes because prolonged exposure could worsen the damage. SERVPRO inspects each room in your house to determine the extent of damage and then develops a plan of restoring your home to its preloss condition.

Challenges Encountered During Fire Restoration

  • Deeply embedded soot
  • Persistent smoke odor
  • Significant debris volume

Dealing With Smoke Damage

Even if the fire was contained in one area, any item in your home is susceptible to some damage. Smoke residues can penetrate building materials' cracks and crevices, causing odor problems. At SERVPRO, we respond to the challenges created when smoke residues and odors affect different materials and surfaces using the right equipment and products.

Items and Surfaces That Can be Challenging to Clean Include

  • Porous surfaces like some countertops                    
  • Electrical appliances
  • Drywall and ceiling fixtures        

Soot, a byproduct of smoke, can cause staining on surfaces and discolor appliances. Due to its corrosive nature, soot can also damage appliances. Our technicians prioritize basic cleaning concepts. For example, during structural cleaning, before repainting any walls and ceilings not damaged by fire, we scrub and sand before priming and painting to guarantee a lasting solution.

SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE is dedicated to addressing any aspect of fire "Like it never even happened." Our fire restoration services are set to bring your home to its preloss condition as quickly as possible. Call us at (772) 362-7060.

Lingering Damage to Address After Fort Pierce North Fires

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke entering room from under door Our SERVPRO professionals train to completely restore any fire damaged property.

We Have Experience in Mitigation and Long-Term Restoration of fire-Damaged Fort Pierce North Properties

Fires produce considerable challenges for homeowners and experienced restorers alike. Our SERVPRO professional team must create detailed recovery plans targeting lingering damaging effects like standing water, odors, and structural degradation.

Water Damage from Extinguishment

While fire damage in Fort Pierce NE homes can be widely destructive to the structure and its contents, one of the lingering effects that must get addressed as quickly as possible is removing water damage. First responders often rely on high volumes of water from hydrants to extinguish house fires. In addition to the burn damage, our team must also focus on extraction, cleaning, and drying.

Structural Deterioration

Fires can be particularly impactful to the structural integrity of your home. With nearly all the building materials used in erecting your house's figurative skeleton, exposure to high heat and flames can lead to the combustion of these organic elements. Our experienced team can identify the condition of exposed structures and determine the necessary steps to rebuild and repair the damage.

Smoke Malodors and Contaminants 

Even with much of the debris and smoke residues cleaned up throughout the property, harsh smoke smells remain an obstacle for comfortable living conditions. It is up to our experienced team to determine where these threats exist and use a combination of deodorization and odor neutralizing techniques to help, such as:

  • Thermal fogging
  • ULV fogging
  • Hydroxyl machines
  • Surface cleaning

Many threats linger after a fire gets extinguished. The fast and committed response of our SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE team ensures that the worst of these conditions do not cause worse irreparable harm to your residence. We are ready 24/7 to help with a timely arrival and knowledgeable FSRT-Certified technicians when you call (772) 362-7060. 

Which Firm Can Homeowners Hire to Perform Fire Damage Restoration in Port St Lucie?

12/20/2021 (Permalink)

soot damage on walls and ceiling Fire and smoke damage can ruin your property more than other types of disasters.

SERVPRO is a Leading Company that Offers Fire Damage Repair Services in Port St Lucie

Fire and smoke damage can ruin your property more than other types of disasters. It can place the structural safety of your residence in question and obliterate essential belongings. Apart from the inconvenience of the fire loss, there is an emotional aspect of the restoration process. Our SERVPRO restorers can provide immediate and effective fire repair services to your home.

Even though you may have lost many belongings and memories in a fire, our team promises quality fire damage restoration in your Port St Lucie residence. We can go to great lengths to ensure that your home is a healthy and safe environment again. As part of the fire restoration process, we can offer services like: 

  • Contents cleaning and pack out
  • Soot removal
  • Deodorization
  • Structure restoration

Our SERVPRO technicians inspect the damaged structures and contents visually. Many fire incidents are typically do not cause complete destruction, and we can restore as many items as possible to their preloss condition. We can implement emergency service procedures like immediate cleaning of the areas your family needs to use and sealing off the affected areas to limit movement in them. 

Our content cleaning and pack-out services involve inventorying and documenting the contents to make them ready for pack out. We transport the contents to SERVPRO’s facilities which have an Esporta Wash system for thorough cleaning and restoration. We return the items once the structural repair is completed. 

Structure restoration involves removing debris, drying, dehumidification, and deodorization. We can clean ceilings, walls, fixtures, air ducts, and other surfaces from the top to the bottom to control the fallout. We also take measures to protect surfaces against corrosion. Certain types of smoke residues can corrode surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians usually wipe residues off light-colored painted surfaces, plastic surfaces, furniture tops with finished surfaces, Formica countertops, and fiberglass surfaces. We also clean and protect metal surfaces that contain iron and chrome trim like faucets, window frames, and faucets.

If you need fire damage repair services, call SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE at (772) 362-7060. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Does SERVPRO Clean Up and Restore Fire Damage in Port Saint Lucie?

10/29/2021 (Permalink)

a house on fire with smoke billowing from the windows When fire damage happens, the situation can seem overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO for expert remediation services. We are standing by 24/7.

We Swiftly Remediate Fire Damage by Using the Most Advanced Equipment and Methods

When remediating fire damage, the effectiveness and speed at which a job is completed are usually determined by the equipment and methods used. Fortunately, in Port Saint Lucie, there are firms like SERVPRO that use only the most advanced tools and techniques so that remediation is swift and successful.

SERVPRO, one of Port Saint Lucie’s best fire damage restoration firms, is forever acquiring the most cutting-edge gear in the industry and is always trying to put the latest methods to good use. Our skilled technicians employ all of this when completing house fire clean up work, performing smoke remediation, finishing fire damage restoration, and ultimately returning fire damaged homes to their pre-fire state.

Some of the innovative tools and techniques our experts use are:

  • State-of-the-art air movers and high-velocity box fans to push smoke-filled air out of residences and circulate fresh air back in 
  • High-tech air scrubbers and ozone machines that remove smoke particles, neutralize harmful elements, and sanitize the air
  • Professional wet, dry, abrasive, and specialized cleaning techniques that can remove all types of fire-related residues from interior surfaces and prevent further damage
  • Advanced foggers and injection devices that can effectively treat fire-impacted areas and materials with commercial-grade deodorants 

Regardless of the extent of your fire and smoke damage, SERVPRO’s arsenal of powerful remediation equipment and expertise can usually resolve it in less time than other companies can.

With all that said, if your home ever suffers fire damage, remember that quality help is available nearby. Call your friendly neighborhood SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE at (772) 362-7060 whenever you need assistance.

Does Method Matter When Managing Odor During Fire Damage Restoration In Fort Pierce South Homes?

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged living room with debris everywhere Fire damage can quickly affect large parts of your home. Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services that include dealing with odors.

The Conditions at the Loss Site Help Determine the Steps SERVPRO Takes during Fire Restoration

Strong odor can be the main issue or one of many problems you face after a fire incident at your Fort Pierce home. Whatever the case, you need a sound plan to deodorize the property restoring preloss conditions.

For the fire damage restoration effort in your Fort Pierce home to eliminate all odors, it requires more than just applying chemical agents to the areas where the smell is suspected to originate. The volatile odor molecules usually penetrate beyond the surface, thus making it difficult to neutralize them. Also, the soils emitting the smells have different physical properties that can inhibit removal. SERVPRO technicians are prepared to handle these different aspects to ensure the removal goes according to plan.

Odor management can be challenging under various circumstances, including:

  • Water & fire damage restorations
  • House fire clean up
  • Smoke damage

Some of the reasons for such difficulty is because successful deodorization requires:

  • Removal of odor sources
  • Thorough cleaning of all surfaces 
  • Penetration of materials emitting odors

Abundant moisture sets soils making it harder to clean the affected areas. On the other hand, if smoke damage is the primary issue, you can expect deeper penetration of odors in porous and semi-porous materials. Effective removal is only possible if the deodorization methods can replicate the conditions that created the smells.

Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified teams combine different removal techniques to benefit from the unique benefits each method offers. For instance, we mix water-based deodorizers with cleaning solutions, thus removing soils and odors simultaneously. Alternatively, we fog solvent-based deodorizers into the damaged property since they can penetrate deep into materials to counteract odors.

SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE offers top-notch fire damage restoration services restoring a home to its preloss condition. Call us at (772) 362-7060. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Does Carpet Cleaning Begin After Fire Damage in Fort Pierce South Properties?

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

young girl laying on carpeted floor; toy blocks beside her Even if the fire is contained, smoke and soot can damage flooring materials far from the blaze.

Cleaning and Restoration Services Improve the Look of Damaged Carpets in Fort Pierce South Residences

Flooring of all types can often be heavily damaged by migrating fire loss effects, including soot particles and smoke. Porous flooring elements like installed carpeting can rapidly absorb odors and soot effects, requiring immediate attention to prevent uninstallation. 

Can Carpets Get Preserved After Soot Damage? 

There are multiple considerations for affected flooring after fire damage in Fort Pierce South homes or businesses. Because of carpet fibers and overall porosity, various effects can threaten this flooring type to require immediate attention when possible after extinguishment. Several actions can make a primary difference in carpeting preservability from extraction to deodorization, including deluxe cleaning with hot water extraction units.

Is Deodorization Necessary After Cleaning? 

Even with cleaning the carpets with potent detergents and other practices, fire recovery often still requires some form of deodorization. Anticipating the return of smoke odors with temperature changes ensures that measures to neutralize and eliminate harsh smells have already occurred before they become an issue. Some options for this include: 

  • Odor counteractant products
  • HEPA vacuums
  • Thermal fogging
  • Hydroxyl generators

Structure fires do not provide a long timeline before irreparable harm occurs to building materials and structural elements. The fast response of our SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE team can ensure features like carpeting are protected when possible. Give us a call at (772) 362-7060.

With Fire Damage Restoration, Timing is Everything in Fort Pierce

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

smoke and soot damage on wall in ire damaged home Did your home experience fire damage? SERVPRO does. We can restore any fire damage you may experience.

SERVPRO Quickly Acts When Called for Fire Damage Restoration to Bring Your Fort Pierce Property to Pre-Fire Condition

Being prepared for anything to happen is always best when you own a home in Fort Pierce North. However, fires occur unexpectedly, and it is how you react that makes all the difference. SERVPRO knows how critical timing is when handling fire and smoke damage, which is why we are the number one choice for house fire cleanup in the area.

The initial 48 hours are crucial when it comes to fire damage restoration in Fort Pierce. Timing means the difference between the ability to restore your property and contents or the need to replace. SERVPRO acts fast, arriving with a broad range of tools and restoration services, including debris cleanup, soot removal, and smoke remediation.

Here are a few steps to expect when you call us for water & fire damage restorations:

  • Within a few hours of receiving your phone call reporting your loss, we will have IICRC-certified fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) arriving at your door to assess your property.
  • Within an 8-hour timeframe being on the scene, our team starts cleaning, restoration, and deodorization in a safe, efficient manner, including testing and pre-cleaning to avoid further smoke and soot damage.
  • If needed, we perform controlled demolition to fully replace any unsalvageable building materials, finishing everything off to look “Like it never even happened.”
  • After completing the fire restoration project, we go through a final walk-through with you to ensure satisfaction.

Contact SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE whenever you need prompt, reliable fire damage restoration. Reach out to us 24/7 by calling (772) 362-7060.

Need Fire Damage Restoration in Your Port St. Lucie Homes? – Call SERVPRO

4/12/2021 (Permalink)

fire line do not cross Contact SERVPRO after a Port St Lucie House fire---for safe cleanup and fire and smoke damage restoration

SERVPRO provides Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup in Port St Lucie

After a fire has damaged your house in St Lucie, smoke residues may coat everything. Depending on the type of fire, the fire's temperature, and the substances burned, smoke residues can sometimes be removed by simple mechanical action. In other cases, washing and using solvents may be required.

SERVPRO provides fire damage restoration and smoke damage cleanup after a house fire in Port St. Lucie. Our initial step is to assess the damage caused by the fire and water damage from attempts to quell the blaze. We remove all contents and structures that are fire damaged beyond repair. SERVPRO can save many other items by cleaning and odor removal processes. We can pack-out contents and valued possessions for off-site cleaning at our facility.

Often smoke residue can be removed if it is nonoily by utilizing mechanical action for mild agitation of the item's surface. Mechanical action is particularly useful for contents that do not have a smooth surface or cannot be washed or immersed. SERVPRO may use:

  • Feather duster
  • Paintbrushes
  • Vacuum
  • Compressed air

We assess every fire and apply the appropriate cleaning approach to remove smoke residues.

Call SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE for fire damage services in Port St. Lucie and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (772) 362-7060.