Fire Damage Photo Gallery

green air scrubber in a fire damaged kitchen appliances, removed

Fort Pierce Fire Cleanup

The pungent odors from a grease fire are well-known to those who have gone through this unfortunate incident. SERVPRO techs can set up air scrubbers, as the one in the Photo, to eradicate the foul scents as we continue with the fire damage restoration protocols to restore your home to its preloss condition.

charred electrical wiring in an attic

Fire Damaged Electrical Wiring in Fort Pierce

The Photo depicts one of the many types of problems to infrastructure systems in a fire damaged Fort Pierce home. SERVPRO can employ vehicle-stocked generators to power our equipment and avoid using charred romex cables, which require replacing. Safety comes first.

removed dryer, burned walls much damage

Fort Pierce Clogged Vent Fire Damage

SERVPRO suggests that Fort Pierce homeowners call us to inspect exhaust and a/c venting systems to help prevent fire damage from occurring. We removed this dryer and now can remove the fire-damaged materials and debris and build back the walls with new ductwork.

burned range, wall and countertop

Kitchen Fire Damage in Fort Pierce

The gas range, left unattended during frying, resulted in the Photo shown here. SERVPRO can remove the damaged countertop and back wall along with the fire-damaged appliance. We can also remove the fire odors with a light fogging.

sooty film on walls and trim

Fort Pierce Sooty Walls

The house fire in Fort Pierce deposited a sooty film on the surfaces, as shown in the Photo. Our SERVPRO crew can use special cleansers and chemical sponges to remove the coatings without the need for repainting the walls and ceiling.

fire damage room, plywood board up, black walls

House Fire in Fort Pierce

The house fire greatly damaged this Fort Pierce home. Our SERVPRO team arrived quickly to begin the fire damage cleanup. We boarded up the sliding door exit area and proceeded to demolition and remove the burnt building elements.