Storm Damage Photo Gallery

pine floorboards lifted from the floor

Floorboard Water Damage in Fort Pierce

The floodwaters soaked the crawlspace and absorbed into the piers and joists, creating the damaged floorboards. The SERVPRO team mitigates the storm damage by lifting and drying the pinewood planks and the subfloor. The goal is to dry, sanitize and restore without replacing the flooring in this Fort Pierce flooded home.

dirty debris on flooded tile floor in lobby

Fort Pierce Groundwater Flooding

The rapid downpour led to contaminated groundwater flooding the lobby of this commercial business in Fort Pierce. SERVPRO cordoned off the area in preparation to remove the standing water, dry, and decontaminate the surface while minimizing a disruptive shutdown.

studs, flooring cement plumbing line

Fort Pierce Flood Damage

The flooding affected the drywall, flooring, and assemblies in this Fort Pierce house. The controlled demolition by our SERVPRO technicians mitigated the storm damage. Once dry, we can start the reconstruction. We can help, 24/7.

air movers, wood floor, removed drywall from walls

Storm and Mold Damage in Fort Pierce

The floodwaters soaked into the walls and hardwood flooring of this Fort Pierce house. SERVPRO rapid extraction salvaged the hardwoods from demolition and replacement. Unfortunately, the porous drywall required a demo with a build-back. The air movers are drying out the room before beginning the reconstruction.

sludge, sewage on a hardwood floor

Sewage Backup from a Storm in Fort Pierce

The contaminated sewage mixed with groundwater from a storm in Fort Pierce leaving behind a biohazardous mess. SERVPRO techs must don PPE protective personal equipment to remove the sludge, sewage and dispose of contaminated materials and content.

blistering ceiling paint, damaged panels from water

Ceiling Leak in Fort Pierce Kitchen

The leak from a recently installed Pex water line in the attic ruptured in this Fort Pierce home. The extensive water damage can be cleaned up, removing safety risks, the area dried, and then repaired, "Like it never even happened." Count on your local SERVPRO for fast water damage restoration.