Water Damage Photo Gallery

water on hardwood floor, double doors

Fort Pierce Water Problem

The water line in the wet bar by the double doors sprung a leak and soaked into the wood flooring. The water damage was stymied after SERVPRO vacuumed up the pooling water and dried out the surfaces. "Like it never even happened."

duct connected to air scrubber removed lower wall and poly covering ceiling

Huge Water Damage in Fort Pierce

The PEX line in the attic split and spewed water into the attic and migrated down the walls of this home in Fort Pierce. The controlled demolition, poly sheeting vapor barriers, and an air scrubber porting the residual moisture to the exterior prevented ongoing secondary damage. SERVPRO has the skilled technicians and equipment to make it "Like it never even happened."

green air movers on a tile floor

Water Damage Mitigation in Fort Pierce

SERVPRO can provide a large arsenal of drying equipment after a water damaging incident in Fort Pierce. Pictured are numerous axial and centrifugal air movers staged and ready to be removed upon completing the service.

removed drywall showing studs and black drain pipe

Water Damage Demolition in Fort Pierce

The water from the drain line soaked the drywall and resilient tile in this Fort Pierce utility room. Our SERVPRO crew opened up the wall to stop and repair the leak, dried out the void, and applied an antifungal agent to prevent mold growth.

drying mat, dehu, yellow tubes on site

Fort Pierce Water Mitigation

Hidden moisture between the two wood floorings in a Fort Pierce home required drying to prevent secondary water damage and mold growth. The drying mats, set up by our SERVPRO technicians, will soon have the subfloor dry.

water damage in ceiling, split at seam

Ceiling Leak in Port St Lucie

The broken Pex line in the attic resulted in water soaking into the ceiling in this Port St Lucie home. Our SERVPRO team can remove the safety risk from the water-damaged ceiling panels and proceed to dry out all affected building materials with our advanced equipment.