Recent Before & After Photos

Fort Pierce Saved from Water Damage

The leak in the roof after a sudden rainstorm soaked a portion of the ceiling and walls in this Fort Pierce house. Fortunately, the homeowner immediately called... READ MORE

Mold Damage Remediation in Fort Pierce

The Fort Pierce area summers are very humid and hot. When moisture builds up due to lack of cooling with A/C, the result can be what we see in the Before Photo.... READ MORE

Fort Pierce DayCare Water Problem

The leak from the water line soaked the carpet, as shown in the Before Photo of this Fort Pierce Day Care center. Our SERVPRO technicians responded to the call ... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Porch in Fort Pierce

The enclosed porch in this Fort Pierce home suffered significant water damage from a deluge that lasted less than an hour. This severe storm penetrated the exte... READ MORE

White City Home Suffers Soot and Fire Damage

The Before Photo depicts the reason our White City client was distraught after the small house fire. The pine floorboards, walls, ceiling, and furnishing were c... READ MORE

Fort Pierce Kitchen Water Damage

As shown in the Before Photo, the line to the dishwasher leaked in this Fort Pierce kitchen. Our SERVPRO team soon arrived after the call and turned off the wat... READ MORE

SERVPRO Improves IAQ in Fort Pierce

The galvanized steel ductwork shown in the Before Photo was coated with soot from a recent fire in this Fort Pierce business building. Indoor air quality is vit... READ MORE

Barrister Office Water Damage in Fort Pierce

The concern of water damage to boxed records, carpeting, electronic equipment, and furnishings meant a swift call to SERVPRO for water damage mitigation. Our cr... READ MORE

Fort Pierce Crawlspace and Stormwater Removal

The Before Photo suggests the storm damage to this home in Fort Pierce. The groundwater has saturated the soil, and our SERVPRO team can extract this hazardous ... READ MORE

Fort Pierce Pack-Out after a Fire

A house in Fort Pierce suffered significant fire damage to the structure and some of the contents. Our SERVPRO franchise can provide a pack-out service that pro... READ MORE