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duct connected to air scrubber removed lower wall and poly covering ceiling

Huge Water Damage in Fort Pierce

The PEX line in the attic split and spewed water into the attic and migrated down the walls of this home in Fort Pierce. The controlled demolition, poly sheeting vapor barriers, and an air scrubber porting the residual moisture to the exterior prevented ongoing secondary damage. SERVPRO has the skilled technicians and equipment to make it "Like it never even happened."

charred, soot, bathroom, a mess

Fort Pierce Fire Damaged Bathroom

This bathroom needs the help of SERVPRO technicians to remove the charred debris and the water damage caused by the extinguishing. Fort Pierce homeowners are confident, after asking their neighbors, that our SERVPRO franchise can make this bathroom appear "Like it never even happened."

poly sheeting on flood cuts in tiled lobby

Port St. Lucie Water Damage Work

The lobby of this commercial building in Port St. Lucie was water damaged from a plumbing failure. SERVPRO arrived, extracted the water from the tile flooring, and removed the non-salvageable wallboard. The poly sheeting enhanced the drying so that the reconstruction could soon commence.

studs, flooring cement plumbing line

Fort Pierce Flood Damage

The flooding affected the drywall, flooring, and assemblies in this Fort Pierce house. The controlled demolition by our SERVPRO technicians mitigated the storm damage. Once dry, we can start the reconstruction. We can help, 24/7.

removed dryer, burned walls much damage

Fort Pierce Clogged Vent Fire Damage

SERVPRO suggests that Fort Pierce homeowners call us to inspect exhaust and a/c venting systems to help prevent fire damage from occurring. We removed this dryer and now can remove the fire-damaged materials and debris and build back the walls with new ductwork.

green air movers on a tile floor

Water Damage Mitigation in Fort Pierce

SERVPRO can provide a large arsenal of drying equipment after a water damaging incident in Fort Pierce. Pictured are numerous axial and centrifugal air movers staged and ready to be removed upon completing the service.

water pooling on a tiled floor

Water Leak Cleanup in Port St. Lucie

When the office manager discovered the plumbing failure that led to the standing water in this small Port St. Lucie office, he knew whom to call. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Rapid removal by our SERVPRO technicians prevented secondary water damage to the building elements.

hose draining in warehouse shelved inventory

Fort Pierce Warehouse Water Cleanup

The leak wet the concrete flooring in this Fort Pierce warehouse. Management immediately called SERVPRO to restore the storage area to its preloss state. Our team vacuumed out the water and set up drying equipment--thus eliminating any loss to the stored inventory.

air movers, wood floor, removed drywall from walls

Storm and Mold Damage in Fort Pierce

The floodwaters soaked into the walls and hardwood flooring of this Fort Pierce house. SERVPRO rapid extraction salvaged the hardwoods from demolition and replacement. Unfortunately, the porous drywall required a demo with a build-back. The air movers are drying out the room before beginning the reconstruction.

burned range, wall and countertop

Kitchen Fire Damage in Fort Pierce

The gas range, left unattended during frying, resulted in the Photo shown here. SERVPRO can remove the damaged countertop and back wall along with the fire-damaged appliance. We can also remove the fire odors with a light fogging.

removed drywall showing studs and black drain pipe

Water Damage Demolition in Fort Pierce

The water from the drain line soaked the drywall and resilient tile in this Fort Pierce utility room. Our SERVPRO crew opened up the wall to stop and repair the leak, dried out the void, and applied an antifungal agent to prevent mold growth.

hanging ceiling hardware and acoustical tiles in a facility

Fort Pierce Fast Storm Cleanup

When your facility needs a rapid return to functionality after a storm, call SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE. We live by our motto of We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. We can remove the storm-damaged ceiling materials, shore up the roof, and get you back in business. Fast.

green axial fans in a narrow corridor

White City Water Cleanup

The leak left some water in this corridor of a White City commercial firm. SERVPRO responded quickly, vacuumed up the liquid, and removed the baseboards to ensure no moisture remained in the wall voids. The axial fans and the dehumidifier can now swiftly dry out the carpet, excluding the need for replacement.

sludge, sewage on a hardwood floor

Sewage Backup from a Storm in Fort Pierce

The contaminated sewage mixed with groundwater from a storm in Fort Pierce leaving behind a biohazardous mess. SERVPRO techs must don PPE protective personal equipment to remove the sludge, sewage and dispose of contaminated materials and content.

sooty film on walls and trim

Fort Pierce Sooty Walls

The house fire in Fort Pierce deposited a sooty film on the surfaces, as shown in the Photo. Our SERVPRO crew can use special cleansers and chemical sponges to remove the coatings without the need for repainting the walls and ceiling.

drying mat, dehu, yellow tubes on site

Fort Pierce Water Mitigation

Hidden moisture between the two wood floorings in a Fort Pierce home required drying to prevent secondary water damage and mold growth. The drying mats, set up by our SERVPRO technicians, will soon have the subfloor dry.

stripped walls and floor covering, air movers shown

Storm Remediation in Fort Pierce

This property in Fort Pierce suffered flooding with no immediate response for groundwater extraction. SERVPRO removed non-salvageable walls and flooring elements and several small air movers are completing the drying stage. Fast water extraction can greatly mitigate the water damage to a property, don't wait; call us quick.

hoses red and blue pumping out water from office

Water Flooding in Ft Pierce

The long blue hose is connected to the truck-mounted pump for extracting the standing water in this Ft Pierce office setting. The small electrical pump with the red drain hose is doing the same. SERVPRO has advanced equipment for water removal, which greatly mitigates water damage.

blistering ceiling paint, damaged panels from water

Ceiling Leak in Fort Pierce Kitchen

The leak from a recently installed Pex water line in the attic ruptured in this Fort Pierce home. The extensive water damage can be cleaned up, removing safety risks, the area dried, and then repaired, "Like it never even happened." Count on your local SERVPRO for fast water damage restoration.

fire damage room, plywood board up, black walls

House Fire in Fort Pierce

The house fire greatly damaged this Fort Pierce home. Our SERVPRO team arrived quickly to begin the fire damage cleanup. We boarded up the sliding door exit area and proceeded to demolition and remove the burnt building elements.

water damage in ceiling, split at seam

Ceiling Leak in Port St Lucie

The broken Pex line in the attic resulted in water soaking into the ceiling in this Port St Lucie home. Our SERVPRO team can remove the safety risk from the water-damaged ceiling panels and proceed to dry out all affected building materials with our advanced equipment.