Recent Before & After Photos

Fort Pierce Warehouse Water Removal

The torrential rainstorm flooded a large portion of the floor in this Fort Pierce warehouse. The Before Photo illustrates the muddy debris carried in and the in... READ MORE

Flooding in Fort Pierce

The call center cafeteria/meeting room in Fort Pierce was damaged by groundwater intrusion after a flash flooding. This unusual occurrence deposited muddy debri... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Roof in White City

When volumes of rainwater enter an attic in a White City home, the Before Photo often depicts the water damage. The breached roof from the storm soaked the abov... READ MORE

Fire Mishap in a Fort Pierce Kitchen

The Before Photo shows the mess created when the grease from the frying pan ignited and charred the microwave and the stovetop, now seated on the floor. The loc... READ MORE

Reconstructed Water Damaged Bathroom in Fort Pierce

The copper plumbing failed in the attic over the bathroom in this Fort Pierce home. The water and mold-stained appearance in the Before Photo extends down into ... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO for Mold and Water Restoration in Fort Pierce

It pays to hire a reliable, skilled company like SERVPRO to vanquish water and mold damage in your Port St. Lucie garage. The black mold ruining the ceiling was... READ MORE

Fort Pierce Fire Damage Cleanup

Our SERVPRO team is often called upon to mitigate fire damage to large buildings requiring special equipment like man-lifts and cherry pickers. The smoke and so... READ MORE

Port St. Lucie Small Flood Damage

It just takes a minute's worth of floodwater intrusion to damage a laminated flooring in this Port St. Lucie home. The material soaks up water like a sponge, f... READ MORE

Smoke and Soot Residue in Fort Pierce

The house fire in this Fort Pierce house covered most surfaces with a sooty, black substance, as shown in the Before Photo. Other than replacing fire damaged ma... READ MORE

Fort Pierce Saved from Water Damage

The leak in the roof after a sudden rainstorm soaked a portion of the ceiling and walls in this Fort Pierce house. Fortunately, the homeowner immediately called... READ MORE