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When Mold Damage Situations Affect Your Fort Pierce South Home, Time is of the Essence

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on the ceiling of a home Finding mold in your home can be quite stressful. Call our certified SERVPRO mold damage remediation team to investigate and remediate.

Dealing with Mold Damage Effectively is Critical

Most residents use professional mold remediation services to reduce the impact of returning mold and address the underlying causes. Like any living organism, Mold requires a food source, water supply, and warmth to grow. The digestive enzymes produced by molds to break down a food supply can cause lasting damage to your home. This damage is noticeable in the form of dry rot or deteriorating drywall. We can help with:

  • Mold removal 
  • Attic mold removal
  • Black mold damage repairs

The goal of mold remediation in Fort Pierce is to tailor standardized techniques to the unique circumstances of your home. In the case of attic mold, technicians may adapt equipment like dehumidifiers and negative air pressure machines to suit the restricted space. SERVPRO technicians are experienced in dealing with the differing nature of residential properties and can find a solution to suit your home. 

  • Insulation typically needs to be removed and replaced once a mold infestation occurs. The replacement materials are inexpensive. 
  • We are happy to work under the direction of an indoor environmental specialist to ensure your home is free from unpleasant mold growth. 
  • Additional services such as installing vapor barriers or roof insulation are available to protect your home from future mold growth issues. 

It is vital to deal with Mold quickly to prevent long-term damage. Contact SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE quoting mold remediation at (772) 362-7060.

What Dehumidifier is Best for Water-Damaged Fort Pierce North Homes?

7/14/2021 (Permalink)

Condensation on window Our climate can create moisture and condensation in the home, resulting in water damage.

Our Team has Multiple Moisture Removal Devices to Help Fort Pierce North Properties

Because of how severely moisture can spread through porous materials and open areas of a house, appropriate dehumidification tools can be vital in restoring the damage. Arriving with an assortment of mitigation equipment can help restoration work to begin as soon as possible.

What Types of Dehumidifiers Get Used? 

Several dehumidification units can be used when addressing water damage in Fort Pierce North homes or businesses. Because the conditions of these structures can change so dramatically from one to the next, having multiple types of moisture removal options can help. We use:

  • LGR – Low Grain Refrigerant
  • Desiccants
  • Conventional Refrigerants

Is a Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifier Best for Warm Conditions?

The LGR units for dehumidification are among the most heavily used, especially in coastal Florida. Because of how warm and humid conditions are throughout the year, these machines are specifically constructed to reach a lower grains per pound (gpp) level than traditional dehumidifiers or standard refrigerant units. Instead of 45-55 gpp, LGR dehumidifiers can reach 35 gpp for even drier conditions.

Choosing the right equipment can often make the difference in how efficiently and completely homes get restored after flooding and water damage. Our SERVPRO of Fort Piece NE team can help with fast responses and powerful equipment when you call (772) 362-7060. 

How Does Bathroom Mold Removal Occur in Fort Pierce Homes?

5/20/2021 (Permalink)

Bathroom mold with rubber ducks Mold in your bathroom should not be left unchecked. Call in a team of experts right away at (772) 362-7060.

Experienced SERVPRO Remediators can Help with Removing Black Mold Fast from Fort Pierce Homes.

Surface cleaning is a critical approach to restoring or managing mold damage incidents. With the bathroom of area homes being a common location for microbial threats, restoring building materials with potent solvents involves several cleaning elements by our SERVPRO team. Every surface cleaning approach is a combination of time, chemical action, agitation, and heat that vary based on the condition of hosting materials and exposure.

Are Black Mold Damage Repairs Necessary? 

When mold damage in Fort Pierce overwhelms a bathroom, there are many materials that are too distressed to preserve or restore. Our SERVPRO professionals have a Mold Remediation Contractor License #: MRSR2994 to remove and discard hosting materials as needed. Initial controlled demolition can also help other restoration actions to be more efficient and thorough, including:

  • Mold remediation
  • Odor removal
  • Surface cleaning
  • Drying

Black mold can be a traumatic presence in your home, and when affecting high traffic areas, potentially a health effect as well. Our trusted SERVPRO of Fort Pierce NE team can help when you call (772) 362-7060.