Commercial Photo Gallery

hose draining in warehouse shelved inventory

Fort Pierce Warehouse Water Cleanup

The leak wet the concrete flooring in this Fort Pierce warehouse. Management immediately called SERVPRO to restore the storage area to its preloss state. Our team vacuumed out the water and set up drying equipment--thus eliminating any loss to the stored inventory.

green axial fans in a narrow corridor

White City Water Cleanup

The leak left some water in this corridor of a White City commercial firm. SERVPRO responded quickly, vacuumed up the liquid, and removed the baseboards to ensure no moisture remained in the wall voids. The axial fans and the dehumidifier can now swiftly dry out the carpet, excluding the need for replacement.

hoses red and blue pumping out water from office

Water Flooding in Ft Pierce

The long blue hose is connected to the truck-mounted pump for extracting the standing water in this Ft Pierce office setting. The small electrical pump with the red drain hose is doing the same. SERVPRO has advanced equipment for water removal, which greatly mitigates water damage.